The AGM and a Talk by Steve Minnitt

The Annual General Meeting took place at the Museum on 18 November 2014. A new Committee has been elected and consists of the following people:

Chris Cooper (Chairman), Brian Hunter (Vice-Chairman), Chris Jessop (Secretary), Mick Grigg (acting Treasurer), Maxine Courage, Wendy Flint, Marion Holley, Ann Pugh and David Watkins.

A talk with slides by Steve Minnitt, Head of Museums, followed the AGM. This fascinating talk dealt with the story behind many of the Roman articles in the Museum.

Part of the Low Ham mosaic

Part of the Low Ham mosaic

These included such details as the finding of the Dido and Aeneas mosaic at Low Ham, how it was uncovered, cleaned and finally rolled up and moved to become one of the Museum’s main attractions. Then the story of Dido and Aeneas as shown on the mosaic itself from the arrival of Aeneas, his love for Dido and finally the departure as his ship sailed away.

Similarly fascinating was the story of the finding of the Frome Hoard, now displayed in the Museum, from its discovery in a pot in a field near Frome, details of why it was likely to have been buried there, how it was removed, how the coins were cleaned and how the broken pot was repaired piece by piece before it arrived in the Museum.

Steve Minitt shows part of the Frome Hoard

Steve Minnitt shows part of the Frome Hoard

The collection of Roman coins is of particular interest to Steve. Apart from their obvious use as currency they were very important as a means of propaganda. This was demonstrated by coins of the Emperor Caurausius, a general who proclaimed himself Emperor of Britain in 286AD. The reverse of his coins show a peace loving emperor as he is welcomed by Britain, another of two hands joined showing his good relationship with the army. He was assassinated seven years later!

Steve is one who is able to convey his considerable knowledge with clarity and enthusiasm. If you are interested in the Museum and missed his talk then you missed a treat.

50 members attended the meeting. Thank you for your continuing support.