Arts Council England Accreditation

We are proud to announce that The Museum of Somerset is now an accredited museum.

The Accreditation Scheme is administered by Arts Council England in partnership with others, and sets nationally agreed standards for museums in the UK.

Arts Council England

Accreditation enables museums and governing bodies to assess their current performance, and it supports them in planning and developing their services. It helps with:


It is quality standard that serves as an authoritative benchmark for assessing performance, rewarding achievement and driving improvement.


It raises awareness and understanding of museums, building confidence and credibility both within the governing body and among the public.


It helps museums to improve their focus on meeting users’ needs and interests and developing their workforce.


It helps museums to examine their services and to encourage joint working within and between organisations.


It helps with forward planning by formalising procedures and policies.


It demonstrates that a museum has met a national standard, which strengthens applications for public and private funding and gives investors confidence in the organisation.

Dave Drury